We hate clutter.

With all the cute baby and kids clothing out there these days, multiplied by the  number of children between the two of us (5), the amount of clothing needed to meet the requirements of our families was OUTRAGEOUS. Not to mention the laundry and not really actually loving any of the options. 

All we wanted was a comfy, beautiful, gender-neutral, versatile, multi-occasion, mix-n-match, playground-ready, machine-washable baby and kids outfit system made with wholesome materials. That didn't cost a small fortune... too much?

Apparently, because nothing we found met our requirements. So now we bust our butts 24/6 working on everyone's favorite junior knitwear. Clothes that transition with ease from formal to fun. 

Based on the foundations of a classic capsule wardrobe, we bring you your favorite miniature essentials. Timeless pieces that WORK. 


-Perel M. and Mira -

 Perel M. is 27, lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 3 kids. 
Mira is 25, lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 2 kids.